Little Buddha Incense Burner comes with 1 Backflow Incense Cone. This piece of art has Buddha sitting and meditating beside the waterfall. Exquisite gifts and beautiful home décor, It cleans the air, refreshing and maintain a pleasant body and mind. It creates an illusion of an exquisite smokey waterfall. Use backflow incense cone to accomplish the spectacular waterfall effect! The delicate design reflects the art of nature, suitable for the study or yoga.


 They are cute. Aren't they?

Little Cute Buddha Backflow Incense Burner with 10 Cones

$35.00 Regular Price
$23.80Sale Price
  • 13 CM

    Colour:  As picture shown/ Available in two colours.

    Includes: 1 X backflow incense burner with Buddha, 10 X backflow cone.

    Additional incense cones can be purchased here.