Material : copper (Bras)

Havan/Homa is a Sanskrit word that refers to a ritual, wherein an oblation or any religious offering is made into fire.

 It is a well-known fact that impure air and impure water are productive of disease, which, in turn, causes so much pain and misery, whilst pure air and pure water are productive of health, and consequently of happiness.

You must have noticed that, even when you are standing at some distance from the place where Homa is performed, you can smell a sweet fragrant odour in the air. That alone proves that an odoriferous substance put into the fire is not destroyed, but, on the other hand, being rarefied, fills the room, and is carried by the air to distant places where it rids the air of its foulness.

That scent has not the disintegrating power to rid the house of its impure air, and replace it by the fresh pure air. It is fire alone which possesses that power, whereby it breaks the impurities of the air, and reduces them to their component parts, which, getting lighter, are expelled from the house and replaced by fresh air from outside.


There are different types of havan, including, for wealth, purification, prosperity, and child's name are performed by the devotee. It is said that havan purifies to devotee and environment through the chanting mantra and offering to the fire. Also, brings purification and transformation to both individual and the environment. This fire ceremony dates back to the Vedic period when havans were very much part of daily life. In India, havans are still conducted frequently in yoga centres, especially during spiritual events. The heat generated during a Havan, prints a divine impression on people’s hearts, and greatly benefits the entire universe.



Brass (Copper) Havan Kund / Small

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  • This havan can be used in homes, temples, religious ceremonies. 

    Dimension- 12 x12 CM aprrox

    Material- Copper

    • Handles on two sides for easy use
    • Compact size makes storage easy
    • Perfect for small hawan / havan